What is a Co-op?

Powered by Parents!

Oneonta Cooperative Nursery is powered by families of whose children attend the school. Our parent community work in cooperation with one another and with the school’s teachers. Parents at Oneonta are engaged members of a cooperative community; participating actively in their child’s play and education experiences. Parents assist the teachers with implementation of programs that foster age-appropriate learning and activities.

Cooperative education offers parents a deeper involvement and the ability to witness and take part in the socio-development of their child. It offers parents the opportunity to build community, share concerns and commitments with other families.

By joining your child in his/her first school experience, you foster a close relationship between home, family and all members of the school and community but most importantly you are helping him/her to take those first positive steps toward independence. As participating parents you will gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of your child as he/she interacts with peers, teachers and adults outside your family.

The backbone of a good cooperative nursery school are the parents who freely contribute their time and talents. In addition to working in the classroom, families participate fully in the operation of the school through community maintenance days and general membership meetings held throughout the school year.