Take a Tour


After taking a required tour, an application needs to be filled out completely and returned to the director with the $65.00 non-refundable application fee. Oneonta Cooperative also offers the opportunity to schedule a date to survey a class at anytime throughout the school year.

The following tour(s) are upcoming:

Tour  on 06/17/2019 at 10:00 am

Tour  on 07/15/2019 at 10:00 am


Upon receipt of your application, a priority number will be assigned to your application. If more than one application is received on the same day, priority numbers will be randomly assigned. Within three to four weeks of receipt of your application, you will receive one of two possible e-mailed letters.

If your child has been placed in a class, you will be emailed a placement letter instructing you to pick up the enrollment forms from the school within ten (10) business days. You will then be given ten (10) business days in which to return these forms and a deposit of one month’s tuition and the earthquake kit fee in order for your child to be officially accepted.

If the class for which you applied is already full, your child will be put on the waitlist for that class. You will receive a letter confirming your child’s status. Primary enrollment is for classes beginning in September, although a limited number of spaces occasionally become available in the middle of the year.

The priority system works as follows:
First priority is given to children currently enrolled in the school.
Second priority is given to siblings of current students.
Third priority is given to alumni, families who applied last year and remained on our wait list, and Oneonta Congregational Church members.

After these priority considerations, all remaining applications are considered equally in the ordered recieved.