Parent Participation

Classroom Participation

Two qualified teachers manage the classroom. There is also a requirement to have two parent/guardian assistants helping out in every class to keep things running smoothly with rotated daily snack responsibilities.  Classroom participation days are scheduled in two-month blocks. Your participation quota is based on how many days your child is enrolled, unless you decide to volunteer for more hours.

Greenhouse/Two days a week =  3 – 4 days every 2 months

Greenhouse/ Three days a week =  3 – 4 days every 2 months

Sunroom / Four days a week =  4 – 5 days every 2 months

Treehouse /Four days a week =  4 – 5 days every 2 months

General Membership Meetings

There are four (4) mandatory meetings during the year, which one parent/guardian per family is required to attend. Orientation is also a required meeting. Meetings are held quarterly in the evenings. These meetings are operational.  The format of the meetings is structured to invite comment from the parents and votes are conducted at these times to ensure every family can participate in changes impacting the school.

Parent Education Meetings

Oneonta organizes Parent Education meetings throughout the year.  Invited speakers cover all manner of child and family development subjects ranging from family nutrition to kindergarten readiness.  A parent from each family is required to attend at least 2 of these meetings over the course of the school year.

Aide Positions

There are so many little things that go unnoticed in the operation of a school.  We disperse these small responsibilities out to the parent/guardian body as “Aide Positions”. Examples: Library aide, Yard aide, Bike aide, Fundraising aide.

Each family is required to assume one of these many aide positions working a minimum of 10 hours. If you can afford the time, volunteering for a Board position will fulfill this requirement.

School Maintenance & Special Projects

Regular maintenance is important to keeping our classrooms and school grounds safe and clean at all times.  Each family is required to sign-up for 1 maintenance or special project workday per semester (2 required per year).  These workdays are conducted on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm.

California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools ​(CCPPNS)

Our school is a member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS). This organization is a statewide community of parents and educators committed to teaching and inspiring families through parent involvement and mutual support.

The San Gabriel Valley Council is part of CCPPNS and is composed of one representative from each parent participation nursery school in the area. The Council provides collective aid and an exchange of information for its members. In addition, the Council also conducts workshop meetings, presents speakers of interest to nursery schools, aids in the organization of new cooperatives and works with the community and teacher groups.

Each year the CCPPNS holds a convention where co-op parents and staff can hear nationally recognized experts talk about parenting, attend workshops, and make new connections in the co-op community.