About OCNS (draft)

Who We Are

Oneonta Cooperative Nursery School, founded in 1947, is the longest running parent participation preschool in the community of South Pasadena. Serving the community of parents interested in sharing their child’s preschool experience, we are a non-profit corporation, powered and operated by families whose children attend our school.

Oneonta is a place of community building, beauty, friendship, growth and learning. Fostering love and a cooperative and collaborative spirit, we offer our families a foundational environment designed to nurture parent/child relationships and the opportunity to encourage all aspects of your child’s first school experience.


Oneonta Cooperative Nursery School is dedicated to providing children a safe, nurturing environment where they embrace diversity and develop positive feelings about him/herself in the group setting. We work to create warm, sensitive, and responsive interactions and relationships to grow socially, emotionally, creatively, and intellectually at his/her own pace.

We believe that each child brings uniqueness to the preschool experience. Growth patterns, experiences, strengths, and approaches to the learning situation are-individual and within the context of process each individual child begins to comprehend themselves, other people and the world we live in.

Our foremost goal is to provide a preschool experience that prepares children for future success, both in school and in life, by modeling behavior to solve problems, get along with others, and be confident and responsible individuals.


Oneonta Cooperative is a non-religious program. Our educational approach is developmental, children learning through play.  Our primary goal is to help each child develop at his/her own pace and in all respects (emotionally, socially and physically). The emphasis throughout our school is socialization, self-esteem, communication and consistency, learning school routines.

We build the foundation for lifelong learning by integrating fluid structure with uninterrupted play. Uninterrupted play (socio-dramatic and symbolic) functions as an essential element in growth and development of the young child. It is in the context of this process rather than in the product that the child finds out about himself/herself, other people and the world.

Because social and emotional development cannot be separated from intellectual development, it is vital that the young child develop positive feelings about himself/herself in the group setting where warm, sensitive and responsive interactions and relationships are fostered between and among all members of the community (children, families, and program staff).

We promote the appropriate developmental practices while also taking into account the different needs, interests, and developmental levels of each individual child.

Our Campus

At Oneonta Cooperative Nursery, all aspects of your child’s social, emotional, physical, creative and educational development are encouraged and stimulated by a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces and mixed age play yards. Our campus is home to a play yard with climbing structures, outdoor playhouses, bike yard, a sand and bamboo yard, and sand water lagoon.

We have a parent-built patio planter garden where the children grow, maintain, and harvest a selected vegetable, fruit or herb each season. Art, music and movement are all introduced through daily creative projects and activities. In the older classes children are prepared through a variety of activities for the rigors of kindergarten.